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Some nice thoughts but what on earth do you think causes OHMSS to be a huge mistake???? I suggest you pay more attention next time you watch it (if you've ever seen it ). Moonraker, Golden Gun, Diamonds are Forever all suck, but OHMSS is perhaps the perfect Bond movie with a wonderfully fragile performance by Lazenby. It was the first 'back to basics' Bond movie, followed the book closely and is a huge favourite among many Bond fans.

That this movie somehow bombed is a complete myth and is a consequence of the atrocious press that Lazenby suffered at the time. This was more to do with Lazenby's attitude to press and promotion and had he signed the seven picture deal he was offered we would have been spared Moore's campery and the Bond franchise may have gone in an entirely different direction in the 70s.

The movies' international gross was in line with the Connery films but it fared less well in the US, probably due to the European locations.

Another myth I can set you right on is that Ian Fleming didn't clean out any Nazis playing cards. He spent time in Lisbon during the war with SOE and his observations of the German officers gambling at the casinos, and his fantasies about cleaning them out, inspired his first novel, Casino Royale. In the book Le Chiffre is SMERSH agent and Bonds task is to ruin him financially.


Iain - you are so right. OHMSS is like one of my favourite bond movies and Diana Rigg was soooo hot!!!! Did you know that Bond only smokes Dominican cigars because of M16 internal rules? That sucks man, he should pay a visit to Cuba, take our Castro and spark up some real cigars!!!

Maeo Peterseno

What happened to my comments. I feel betrayed:-(. Can't wait for the next Bond were they are thinking of including a gay scene for our new Bond. He can't smoke cigars, but......LOL


Not sure about a gay scene but I heard the next movie may include a scene where bond does a bruce lee number on a smooth skinned, sweet faced lovely who turns out to be.....(wait for it)......A MAN!!!!!

Seems to be stretching dramatic credibility that an experienced international playboy could fall for that old trick!!

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